Johanna Kraus, Spiritual Nurse

(not practicing since 2014)


Who am I?

As a nurse teacher I taught psycho-geriatric healthcare. At the same time, I gained more experience and understanding about the patients’ processes in life and about the students’ backgrounds. Before this phase in my career I worked at a trauma clinic for some years and had learned a lot about the effects of traumas, physically and emotionally. Over the years I discovered ever deeper levels of the game of forces in the healthcare system, social services and politics, which does not benefit patients but burdens them instead despite all the good things.

In my younger years I worked in Tanzania and was in charge of the local midwives training. On my return to The Netherlands I started teaching the subject of Foreign Aid Issues as a lecturer as part of the ‘Netherlands Course on Global Health and Tropical Medicine’ (Nederlandse Tropen Kursus). It was in the tropics that I learned about the effectiveness of natural health therapies through my contacts with the indigenous people.

During my young motherhood I studied Theology for several years with a specific interest in Feminist Theology and in the Marian Apparitions and their significance for the current time that we live in.
I worked a lot with and in (female) groups.

On many of my long and spiritual journeys to India I came across professional healthcare, but selfless healthcare out of love for God. Through it a deepening process of awareness began, which confirmed my own vision about the right, constructive and healing healthcare for people and their diseases, and their processes of awareness.

In being with a client in a professional capacity, and with selfless love without any judgement to support the patient, he/she will feel safe to allow the recognition of deep unconscious feelings. Because of this, a satisfying path for the cure of the illness can be put in place. Tranquility and peace will emerge from within and they are the condition for the process of healing. I support these healing and awareness processes with Tachyon Energy. Tachyon ​Energie.

In India in the Super Speciality Hospital in Puttaparthi I discovered healthcare connected to spirituality, offered entirely free of cost. (This type of healthcare is also going to be set up in the United States of America with the intention that it is going to be established in the whole world). In the hospital I encountered heart-warming and touching care, and intensely grateful people with radiant eyes regardless the state of their illness. The professional healthcare workers help the patients with a focus on God. This attitude shows the right balance between professionalism and spirituality and benefits the patient, creating optimal healthcare and healing. In India I learned about the Tachyon Energy to support these healing processes.

Working professionally with Tachyon energy in combination with medical professionalism plus pure spirituality from the divine world unites unconditional love and professional healthcare. This happens without a dominant business model. Love is the healing factor of the new paradigm of the healthcare of the future.