About the foundation

The logo reflects what the Foundation is all about. The two open hands reaching out of the earth (matter) receive pure love from the Divine world and they pass it on selflessly to their fellow man as an instrument of God.

The Foundation Caelum in Terra (Heaven on Earth) was founded on 27th October 2014 in Castricum in the Netherlands.

The Foundation’s aim is to establish a ‘Centre Divine Life’: a spiritual living and working community for all religions.

It will be a community of about 45 people who will live a pure life in God together. There will be a spiritual morning opening and a day closure every day.

The members will have their own accommodation and keep their freedom. It will be a life of joy, working and living together and sharing each other’s expertise in selfless service to others and the community.

In the community we care for each other like in a family. It is growing in unconditional love and wisdom without duality and conflict models. It is about non-violent communication. Every participant and guest must feel save with no judgement hanging over him/her. The Centre is a place where one can grow in love and clear the path to self-realisation.

Unconditional love and non-violent communication guarantee a safe environment which is necessary to be able to grow in consciousness of self-realisation in unity with God. Spiritual, professional and serving leadership are present in the community.

Because of the absence of pressure and judgement, there is an opportunity for all the participants to start a new phase in their personal growth towards self-realisation. Centre Divine Life will become a shining example of the new model of living together, free and independent, like heaven on Earth.

In this living and working community unconditional love for God and for each other is the Divine guideline and norm. It will be a great blessing to be a part of this community.

Future Plans

Another focus of Centre Divine Life is to provide hospitality and support for the transformation of the heart of the guests. During their stay guests will participate in living the true life in God. To be able to provide hospitality for guests and visitors we want to build a guesthouse.

We will be sharing our expertise and experience in seminars, retreats, counselling sessions, training sessions and education. Space for music and cultural events is also going to be located in this building. The Foundation’s support for the region will be by sharing activities and by supporting the needs of the region.

To support Centre Divine Life, we will ask a fixed amount for full board accommodation. Contributions for the expertise enjoyed will be according to one’s means.

The Foundation is in the process of acquiring the necessary funds to purchase a building. We focus on the former Arnold Janssen Monastery in Wahlwiller (Limburg).