What is my goal?

My aim is to guide and support people with their processes in life in a professional way towards recovery and healing. It is about self-realisation and/or a new quality of life in all areas of their existence. These healing and awareness processes I support with Tachyon Energy.

My goal is also to initiate a multi-dimensional vision regarding illness and health. It is a mindful and insightful way of working for the healing of body and soul, so that the physical recovery can take place in a more natural way. In this way optimal quality will develop in the healthcare system, leading to healing in all areas of life.

It requires a different (deeper) way of looking at what the underlying reason is for the patient’s problems or conditions. This professionalism requires an inner development and inner awareness within the healthcare worker, who will also be working with Tachyon Energy.

I support and coach clients (aid workers and patients) individually and in groups. It is developing and shaping the missing and healing aspect of the current healthcare system. To be able to choose consciously from the therapies on offer, it requires insight and understanding and the right motivation within the aid worker and the client for the therapies to work optimally and heal. It is about the connection between professionalism and spirituality in all areas of the body, soul and mind. Due to the increasing understanding of the disease or problem, a positive and healing spiral is created, through which ignorance, fear and insecurity as pathological factors are being turned into confidence and faith.

Time is over-due and we are faced with ever increasing challenges demanding for change. Old methods do not work or work insufficiently, and people feel an increasing aversion towards the current state of affairs, which is not the people’s doing, but it is the system.

The large drug consumption and the severe illness-causing side effects is a worrying development, which is more serious than many people might realise. Pure ethics is completely absent, because ethics is not connected to the divine world. Pure ethics degenerates with human feelings as norm. Artificial intelligence is going to catch up on us, causing us to be completely subjected to a system in which we have no longer any say.

The freedom of the individual is threatened very seriously by the terror of fear and the manipulation of death.

The solution and the answer to all this for man and world requires an insightful understanding combined with professionalism to be able to deal with these issues in the right way, preserving freedom, authenticity and well-being.